Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education

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Suhaila’s world famous belly dance format available online for training and certification.  

Proven distance training for belly dance instruction and certification testing.  All virtual.  No travel.

Our Curriculum

Suhaila’s Institute offers a well rounded dance education using various methodologies and a solid range of topics to produce highly trained and educated belly dancers. From her extensive training in both Western dance, Middle Eastern dance, and performance arts, Suhaila presents a fully developed and proven program with certification for belly dance.  The Salimpour School is the foremost educational institution in this field, often referred to as “university of belly dance”, “The Source”, and “the mother ship”.   Learn classic and modern belly dance in a supportive, inclusive environment while connecting with dancers worldwide.  Online Classes offer hours of dance technique and choreography to provide the student the required training for the Institute.

  • Technique

  • Choreography

  • Music Studies

  • Core Dimension™

  • History and Culture

  • Performance Arts Training

  • Personal Expression

  • Folkloric Fusion®


The Salimpour School is founded by Jamila Salimpour, who developed the first codified belly dance vocabulary and finger cymbal method, used by and influencing dancers worldwide.


Suhaila presents the first belly dance certification program, developed around her revolutionary format, providing the most comprehensive study of this art form.


Suhaila creates the first online class website for belly dance to reach a worldwide audience. The site provides over 1000+ hours instruction for beginning to advanced dancers.


The Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education is launched to promote belly dance certification worldwide. The Institute includes five levels from beginning to advanced and basic teaching.