Animal Inspiration Contest Winners Summer 2018

1st place winner: Anjanie Dindyal

Prize: One Year Subscription to Online Classes

Video Submission via Instagram. -Anjanie Dindyal (SL2 & JL2 Certified)

2nd place winner: Jane Chung How

Prize: $200 Credit for SalimpourSchoolOnline

The animal that inspires and motivates me is the dragonfly because dragonflies are keepers of dreams, the energy within that sees our true potential and ability. They inspire spirituality as well as creativity and are messengers of wisdom. They symbolize the ability to overcome times of  hardship, help us on the path of discovery and remind us that anything is possible. They are also very poised and balanced and to me, this is all what the Salimpour format is about! -Jane Chung How (SL3 & JL3 Certified)

3rd place winner: Lenka Adamkova

Prize: $100 Credit for Audio Training Downloads

The animal that I identify with in my practice is a turtle. Turtles symbolize patience and endurance – the two vital qualities we need at the Salimpour School if we want to become the best dancers and artists. Turtle also reminds me to stay grounded, trust the process and let the natural flow of things take me where I need to be. The shell keeps me protected but with each practice I’m learning how to show what is hidden inside and how to be vulnerable on stage. -Lenka Adamkova (SL3 & JL2 Certified)