Bal Anat Revival 2001

The official revival of Bal Anat by the Salimpour Family in 2001.

Producer/Artistic Director:  Suhaila Salimpour   •   Creative Consultants: Jamila Salimpour, Rashid (Tom Ryan)   •   The Birth Magic Ritual by Jamila Salimpour  •   Karshlama Original by Meta Metal  •   Ghawazee by Suhaila Salimpour and Rashid   •   Snake, Moroccan, Pot, Algerian, Sword, Cane, and Finale by Suhaila Salimpour  •   Tray Dance by Rashid

Band Leader Ernie Fischbach: Muzmar, Kanun, Mijwiz, and Shebeba  •   Alex Bettesworth: Tabla  •   David Brown: Rebaba, Mijwiz, Mizmar, Ney, and Mezound  •   Chris Caswell: Mizmar, Kanun, Mijwiz, and Shebaba  •   Melissa Fishbach: Dumbek and Tabla Balade  •   Kam Lettner: Tabla  •   Imad Mizyed: Tambourine and Tabla  •   Brian Steeger: Violin, Argul, Muzmar, and Bendir
Copyright. 2001 Suhaila International LLC.  All Rights Reserved

Bal Anat Revival 2001

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  • Pot Dance
  • In the Beginning Sword Dance
  • Standing Sword (non-floorwork version of In the Beginning Sword)

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