In the modern world, we are facing a crisis of self.

So many of us feel overworked, under appreciated, and lost in mindless routines of work. We feel numb and detached, not just from ourselves, but from our families and communities. And we’ve lost touch with what makes us truly powerful: our body, mind, and spirit.

Movement to liberate your authentic self.

Core Dimension™ is a collection of multidimensional workshops and seminars crafted to reconnect you with your essential and dynamic spirit. You’ll move, feel, speak, and discover your true nature and reveal your core values.

Dancer, choreographer, and master coach Suhaila Salimpour has already guided thousands of students through this life changing practice. Through energy work, psychology, and a diverse range of movement practices, participants find more power in their work, their home, and their lives. They learn to act without judgement or shame, harnessing the potential of vulnerability.

Own your own power. Live without fear.

Although Core Dimension™ has been created by a dancer, anyone can benefit.

Suhaila’s exercises allow you to be in the moment and spark the energy you have inside yourself, even if you feel you might have lost touch with it along the way.

In Suhaila’s Core Dimension™ seminars, you can breathe, express yourself, and be present. With this newfound awareness, you’ll take this awakened electricity into your daily life.

Learn more on Suhaila’s website here.

Suhaila Salimpour workshop in Santiago, Chile, 2018. Photo by Marcos Oyarzun.