Suhaila Percussion Show 1999

Suhaila and the Suhaila Dance Company performing Suhaila’s Percussion Show at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, 1999.

Concept, creation, and choreography by Suhaila Salimpour. Music composed by Suhaila Salimpour and Susu Pampanin.

Copyright 1999 Suhaila International LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Show Evolution

The Percussion Show in 1999 shows an evolution of the work from the 1997 show.

  • This show begins with the Tambourine Dance, which was not in the 1997 show; dancers alternate sides and accompany themselves on the tambourine or def.
  • Next is the updated Cymbal Dance dance which more closely resembles what you find in the Sheherezade (2005) theater production and Fitness Fusion Ensemble (2004).
  • The Stomach Dance features Tom “Rashid” Ryan as the tray dancer, his role in Bal Anat, and which transitions to Tom’s solo.  The Stomach Dance is also featured as the second piece in Sheherezade (2005), where the dancers rotate around a soloist.
  • The Sword Dance has been updated from the 1997 show, representing the most current version of the dance that can be seen in Sheherezade (2005) and Bal Anat performances.
  • The Clave Dance is a full ensemble piece designed to transition into the featured solo by Suhaila.
  • The show ends with the Drum Dance, now in an updated version that more closely resembles the version used by the School today.

The 1999 percussion show does not include the Cane Dance, but the Cane Dance is still both a Percussion Show choreography and is also featured in Bal Anat performances.


See the original version of the Percussion Show, 1997 Percussion Show.


Learn a Percussion Show choreography; available by subscription in the PPV section of the Salimpour School Online:

  • The Cymbal Dance
  • In the Beginning Sword
  • Cane Dance