Training Plans

Online Class Training Plans

The online class multi-week programs (training plans) are designed to help you progress through your training with recommended weekly assignments.  Many students will benefit from repeating the programs, substituting classes for variety.  The training plans are a bonus for dancers who subscribe to the regular class catalog.

Most training plans are built around learning choreography.  Our goal was to distribute the full class catalog across all the plans.  If you were to use all the training plans, you eventually would end up taking every class.   Most classes are used in more than one plan, but be sure to mark your favorite classes so you can find them later!

Note that some of the choreographies are free to regular subscribers, but others are available separately in the PPV section.

Adapting an Online Class Training Plan

Most, but not all, of our training plans are built around learning a choreography.  Of course, you can use the training plan without learning the choreography.  You can also use a training plan as a template and substitute your own selection of classes.

Higher level students can increase timing or add layering to Level 100 and 200 classes.  Some students take an eight week plan and condense it over 4 weeks and others expand it over 16 weeks.

Beginner Training Plans

We recommend starting with these plans that include specific classes that are free to regular subscribers as well as links to supplemental learning resources.

  • Suhaila Level 100 The Beginning
  • Suhaila Level 100 Owning It
  • Jamila Vocabulary Level 100
  • Banat Iskandaria
  • Isolations Drum Solo. (For this plan, the choreography instruction is available separately in the PPV section.)

Although most Training Plans include a choreography, you certainly don’t have to learn the choreography.  Even if a Training Plan is set for 6 or 8 weeks, you can take more or less time to complete the material.  Some plans contain readings and additional training tools required by Certification Program members, but you can divide up the material based on works best for you!

200 Level Training Plans for Learning and Testing

Training Plans to Bridge the Gap Between the 100 and 200 Levels

  • Princess of Cairo (included with regular class subscription)
  • Tabla Solo (included with regular class subscription
  • Bridging the Gap (included with regular class subscription
  • Shams (available by PPV)
  • Syncopations (available by PPV)
  • En Rah (available by PPV)
  • Elf Leyla (available by PPV)
  • Ana Fi Intazarak (available by PPV)
  • Ismaouni (available by PPV)
  • Unforeseen (available by PPV)
  • Chic Chac Choc (available by PPV)

For Foundations 1 and 2 Training

  • Suhaila S2 Solid Ground (no choreography component)
  • Jamila L2 (no choreography component)
  • Into the Night (included with regular class subscription)
  • Nar El Ghera (included with regular class subscription)
  • S2 Challenge (no choreography component)
  • Ciftitelli Choreography (included with regular class subscription)
  • El Samer (available by PPV)
  • Raks El Zagat (available by PPV)
  • 1 thru 8 (available by PPV)
  • Cymbal Dance (available by PPV)
  • L2FCDS.  Fundamentals 1 certification required to access. (available by PPV)
  • Unforeseen (available by PPV)
  • Saidi Tahtib (available by PPV)
  • Pot Dance (available by PPV)
  • Sabriye Miye Miye (available by PPV)
  • Here With Me (available by PPV)
  • Rakkes Suhaila Drum Solo (available by PPV)
  • Leyla Khaleegi (available by PPV)
  • Iraqi Pop (available by PPV)
  • Funky Gawazi (available by PPV)
  • Listen (available by PPV)
  • Standing Sword (available by PPV)
  • Lebanese Cane (available by PPV)
  • Cane Dance (available by PPV)
  • Renaissance Faire Sword (available by PPV)
  • Zay El Hawa (available by PPV)

For Foundations 1 and 2 testing, use these training plans which were specifically developed with focused content for testing.

  • Foundations 1
    • Princess of Cairo
    • Syncopations
    • Chic Chac Choc
    • L2FCDS
    • SL2 Solid Ground
    • SL2 Challenge
  • Foundations 2
    • Shams El Shamouseh
    • El Samer
    • Ismaouni
    • 1 thru 8
    • JL2 Rotation

Matching Up Plans and Choreographies

The training plans are designed as a means to keep students training every week with a variety of classes, often following a six or eight week rotation of concepts.  The choreography subscriptions are offered in the shortest and most economical option of 30 days.

Most training plans are coordinated with a choreography, but you can do the training plan without learning the choreography, or you can learn the choreography without the full training plan.  Adapt the training plans as needed.  Be creative.  Some approaches might be:

  • Purchase the choreography PPV for a second month to have the video instruction available throughout the full training plan.
  • Purchase the choreography PPV for only one month, but double up the choreography assignments so they can be covered in one month.
  • Learn the choreography all at once and use the training guide prompts as a review guide.

Learning choreography takes time.  We often say we “learn” a choreography once we remember the moves and sequencing.  But that’s just the first (and easiest) step to learning a choreography.  It takes time and practice for the movements to become your own.  And in our dance form, we have important cultural and musical components to respect and study. After you learn the technique and sequencing of a choregraphy, we recommend relearning from the video again.  The second time, you notice even more!

Creating a Training Plan

When you have a specific goal in mind, you might find it helpful to create your own training plan.

Step 1.  Assess Your Time.

When creating your own training plan, be realistic about the amount of time you have available for training.  Begin here to get a realistic idea of your available time for training.

Step 2.  Develop and document your training plan.

Follow the instructions below and view the example training plan. For assignments within Suhaila’s certification program, use the format below as shown in the example training plan.

Key Elements to include in your training plan