Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

salimpour school belly dance scholarship winners

We’re excited to announce the recipients of our fall 2020 scholarship! Yes, we’re awarding more than one person, because your entries were so strong. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application!

Suhaila was already considering, given this was the first semester for the Institute, that she might award one or two $300 scholarships if the scores were really close. Although we had a top candidate that clearly scored for the main scholarship, the next six people were basically tied.

Rather than send those back through the evaluation process (which you can read more about below), Suhaila decided to award a bonus scholarship to each of them. Yay!

$750 recipient

Kelly M.

$300 recipients

Amanda G.
James C.
Kenya K.
Nikita L.
Shari F.
Veronica T. M.

Congratulations everyone!


Here’s a bit more about how we evaluated the applications:

The applications were reviewed by a thorough double-blind evaluation process maintained throughout 3 rounds. Round 1: All applications were reviewed by 8 evaluators (4 belly dance related and 4 not). Round 2: The top scoring half was evaluated by 8 reviewers (academic and artist professionals). The top scoring applications from Round 3 were evaluated by 6 reviewers (academic and artist professionals).