Apply to earn a scholarship to the Fall 2021 semester at the Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education!

The Salimpour School and the Suhaila Institute of Online Education are excited to offer a funding opportunity for the Fall 2021 semester!

If you’re planning on attending one of our 12-week online courses starting in August 2021, don’t miss this chance to be awarded $750 towards your tuition.

Recipients must follow the instructions below, and submit their applications by June 1, 2021. That means you have lots of time to refine your essays, create an inspiring art project, and get recommendation letters from the most supportive people you know. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and include all required elements, too!

We can’t wait to see your applications!

Application instructions in Google Docs

Fall 2021 Application Instructions

Prepare an application with the following components:

  1. Essay. Write an essay about how your education with the Salimpour School and Institute of Online Education has either supported your personal review of belly dance or has changed your perception of belly dance. Follow these requirements:
    • Written in English, typed, and double-spaced.
    • Give your essay a title.
    • 8.5×11” with 1” margins or A4 with 2.5cm margins.
    • 12 pt font (Arial, Times New Roman, or equivalent).
    • 200-250 words.
    • Do not include your name on or in the document.
    • Text only (no images, drawings, diagrams, etc.).
    • Convert your document to a PDF.
  2. Recommendation Letters. Collect two recommendation letters written on your behalf about how your Salimpour School and Institute education is making a difference for you or in your life and how the scholarship would help you. Letters can be from friends, parents, children, colleagues, or anyone else you feel could recommend you for the course. Submit the letters as PDFs.
  3. Art Project. Create an art project (photo, collage, words) related to your current perspective on belly dance. Give your project a title. Do not include your name in the art project. Submit one image of the project in PDF form. These art projects play a significant role in scholarship evaluation.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit your application in 3 separate PDF files attached in one email. Each PDF file should be no larger than 2MB.
  • Submit your application via email to
  • Write “Scholarship Fall 2021” and your name in the subject line.
  • Applications are due no later than midnight (Pacific Coast Time) on June 1, 2021.

Award Details

  • The scholarship awards $750 toward Fall 2021 tuition for one of the Institute courses listed below in Applicant Qualifications.
  • The scholarship applies only for Fall 2021 courses. 
  • The scholarship recipient will be notified by July 1, 2021. 

Applicant Qualifications

  • An applicant must hold current Salimpour School certification.
  • An applicant must have current eligibility and plans to take one of the 200 level, 300 level, or 400 level 12-week courses in Fall 2021.

Evaluation Process

  • Applications will be evaluated by a committee of peers, academics, and/or professional artists. Evaluators will not know the names of the applicants, and evaluators will not discuss their ratings and scorings with one another. The three parts of the application will be separated so that essays and art projects can be evaluated without knowing the name of the applicant. Note: Evaluators will recognize and take into account if English is not your primary language.
  • Evaluator ratings of each application section will be applied to a scoring rubric to determine the scholarship recipient.

Additional Scholarship Parameters

  • The scholarship is not redeemable for cash.
  • If the recipient transfers to another semester, the scholarship is invalid.
  • If the scholarship recipient is unable to attend a Fall 2021 online course, the scholarship will convey to the 1st Runner Up. If the 1st Runner Up is unable to attend a Fall 2021 Course, the scholarship will convey to the 2nd Runner Up.
  • The School reserves the right, based on committee findings, to not award this scholarship if there are no qualifying applicants or the requirements are not followed.