Learn Two New Belly Dance Choreographies

Get inspired and learn two new belly dance choreographies by Suhaila Salimpour!

Rent each of them for 30 days on our online class streaming site.

Layali Lobnan

This dynamic, elegant choreography is perfect for ensembles and solos. Its sweeping turns, flirty steps, and elegant lines evoke the Golden Age of belly dance, but reimagined for today’s dancers.

Pair it with one of our drum solos, like “Syncopations,” and you have the perfect set to perform at your next festival appearance!

Purchase the music in our online store, available on the double album, Beyond Byblos.


Arabic for “The Torch,” this choreography is the ultimate entrance piece! Inspired by the great dancers of the 70s and 80s, you’ll get in touch with your inner Fifi Abdo and Nagua Fouad while practicing your entrances and wind-ups.

In fact, you’ll learn 3 different entrance and wind-ups, each with a specific stylization, including one in Suhaila stylization, and another in Jamila stylization.

Find the music on The Art of Belly Dance: Suhaila’s Supreme Selections, available at bellydance.com or on your favorite streaming platform.

Grab your veil and your heels and make your grand entrance!