Making it Happen

I was in Paris in the early 90’s with my boyfriend (we’ll call him PK) at the time. We were on a two week trip of Europe, and PK was showing some of his favorite spots in the great city as well as meeting friends. We stayed at the hotel that Madonna shot her music video for Justify My Love (ya gotta see it), and the chocolate croissants in this hotel were amazing. We enjoyed the beauty of Paris but PK was really looking forward to introducing me to his friend Jay Jay.

Jay Jay was trying to be a model, and it was very difficult to make a living in Paris. The modeling world runs hot and cold, so he was struggling. PK would give him some money from time to time to tide him over. When we picked up Jay Jay from his flat, I was amazed at how small the apartments were in Paris and for the amount he was paying. OMG!! It was crazy actually. But he felt he needed to be in Paris, even if he had to eat crackers to afford it. I understood his determination but couldn’t help wondering what he was going to do if the “modeling thing” didn’t work out for him. I enjoyed his company very much; he had an amazing sense of humor and was a blast to be around. I sure hoped others saw him as I did.

So, a few years ago, I was thrilled when I first turned on America’s Next Top Model and saw Miss J (J. Alexander) on the screen. Yep…. there he was in all his glory. Miss J (well, Jay Jay to me and PK) was sitting there on the judging panel with his back straight and his head up high. I sure didn’t have to worry about him and his tiny little flat in Paris anymore!

I love watching America’s Next Top Model. I love the fashion, the panel, Tyra, and of course the girls that go through such transformations. But most of all I love that Jay Jay is seen and put in a position he deserves. He sacrificed for his dreams and made it happen!

Oh. .. and just in case you were wondering. . . Jay Jay did teach me how to model walk that night in Paris. I’m sure he thought I was a hopeless case.


Repost from a former Suhaila blog. Original posted June 2010.