Enta Omri

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A double album of amazing belly dance classics specifically arranged and produced by Ziad Islamboui for Suhaila Salimpour. The orchestrations are grand and masterful. . . a modern take on the classics that still maintains the richness and intent of the originals. The music is an intimate love letter that tells the story of a lifelong love: you are my life.

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Enta (You Are): Volume 1.

Omri (My Life): Volume 2.

Music Arrangement: Ziad Islambouli. Recording & Mastering: Ziad Islambouli & Sam Dagher at Middle East Track Studio, Beirut, Lebanon. Additional Mastering: Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA. Producer: Ziad Islambouli. Executive Producer: Suhaila Salimpour. MUSICIANS–Ziad Islambouli: Tabla, Riq, Katem, Bongos, Dahola, Bandir, Mazhar, Zagat, Vocals. Moheddine Ghali: Kanoon. Fayez Derayan: Keyboard, Accordion. Adnan Doughan: Lead Violin. Maher Saeed: Nay, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Oboe, Trombone. Samir Ahmad: Oud. Tony Atah: Violin. Bushra Dareen: Violin. Mohamad Deryan: Drums. Tony Abu Elias: Cello, Violin. Ahmad Khalil: Guitar. Bilal Masri: Bass Guitar.