Crafting & Performance Development Intensive (Live/In-person)

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Suhaila Salimpour Presents

Crafting & Performance Development

an Institute Intensive

In-person workshop.

Dates:  March 19 – 27, 2022

Cost:  9 days $1,800 USD.  Day rate:  $300 USD.

**You may purchase the entire intensive as a whole, or choose individual days. Space is limited.**

Location:  Mills College Haas Pavilion Dance Studios (5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613)

Times:  10:30 – 3:30 (lunch 12:-30 – 1:30).

CECs: entire intensive- 36; single day- 4.

Payment: due March 1, 2022.

Suhaila will be sculpting 8 choreographies IN PERSON, for 9 days, in an intimate workshop setting, with personal attention given to each dancer.  Suhaila will not be teaching these choreographies; she will be “sculpting” them, coaching students through emotional expression, body lines, and performance skills.

This special Choreography Crafting and Performance Development Intensive will also introduce two NEW step families in the Jamila Salimpour Vocabulary.

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Prerequisites:  Students level 200 or above (previously SL2 & JL2 certifications. Knowledge of specific choreographies crafted: Princess of Cairo, Ismaouni, Leylet Hob, Lissa Fakir, Chiftitelli, Accessible, Khatwit Habibi, Zay el Hawa.

  • Saturday March 19th:
    • Morning:  JL2 review and Introduction to Persian Family addition.
    • Afternoon:  JL2 review and Introduction to Khaleeji family addition.
  • Sunday March 20th:
    • Morning:  Princess of Cairo crafting.
    • Afternoon:  Performance Prep techniques.
  • Monday March 21st:
    • Morning:  Ismaouni crafting.
    • Afternoon:  Performance Prep techniques.
  • Tuesday March 22nd:
    • Leylet Hob crafting
  • Wednesday March 23rd:
    • Lissa Fakir crafting
  • Thursday March 24th:
    • Chiftitelli crafting
  • Friday March 25th:
    • Accessible crafting
  • Saturday March 26th:
    • Zay El Hawa crafting
  • Sunday March 27th:
    • Khatwit Habibi crafting

The success of this Intensive experience is based on your “learning” of the choreography before being crafted on that specific dance.  You can learn and review the choreographies using Pay Per View subscriptions available at


More information about in-person workshops can be found here:


This is a live/in-person workshop. To attend we require proof of vaccine (or doctor’s note excusing a vaccine). We may require testing in lieu of wearing masks. We will follow recommended guidelines determined by Alameda County and the state of California:

Workshop Payment Policies

    • No refunds are allowed.
    • Workshop transfers:
      • A workshop payment may not be transferred from one person to another.
      • A $100.00 transfer fee applies to each workshop transfer; this applies to both medical and non-medical related transfers.
      • A request for a non-medical related transfer must be made at least three months (at least 91 days) before Day 1 of the workshop.  The request should be submitted by email to the School staff.  Transfer of payment will only be completed if the request is approved by Suhaila.
      • For a medical-related transfer request, Suhaila’s staff must receive an up-to-date doctor’s note regarding your medical emergency/ medical issue that prevents you from participating in the workshop. Transfer of payment will only be completed once the doctor’s note has been received by Suhaila Staff. (The doctor’s note should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than Day 1 of the workshop.)
      • An approved transferred payment must be applied to a workshop held within one year from date of the initial workshop. (A workshop payment may be transferred only once.)
      • Transfers apply to Berkeley, CA  (Mothership) workshops and Online Certification Courses.
    • Workshop payment is due in full by the ‘balance due’ dates listed in the online store.
    • Participants may be removed from the workshop list and lose all payments made if the full amount due is not paid by the balance due date.
    • Workshops have limited attendance. Registration is guaranteed only to those students who pay the amounts by the designated published deadlines.
    • A $50.00 fee applies to all returned checks.