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Connect with your mind, body, and spirit through the rich art of belly dance!

When you dance with the Salimpour School of Dance, you’re studying with the most respected and comprehensive school of belly dance in the world. We’ve been teaching belly dance for over 70 years, training some of the best and most accomplished dancers. Our program meets you where you are, whether you’re brand new to dancing or have been dancing for years.

Now you can join our community and study from anywhere in the world, all online!

Salimpour Fundamentals 1?

In Fundamentals I, you’ll learn the essential steps and movements of belly dance. 

Each week, you’ll take online classes through our streaming service, the Salimpour School Online. You'll share your progress and post your questions in our virtual classroom, where our highly-qualified instructors give you personalized guidance every step of the way.

This flexible structure allows you to complete your weekly assignments on your schedule without the need to take time off work or the added expense of travel and lodging. 

When you study with us, you won’t just learn basic belly dance movements. You learn sound technique and posture, performance skills, cultural context and history, and how to express yourself through Arabic music. You’ll also build your confidence, develop strength and flexibility, and connect with our global community of Salimpour School dancers. 

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Classes start on Aug 21, 2022!


What Our Students Say

What To Expect in Fundamentals 1:

When you take Fundamentals 1, you’ll spend six weeks taking streaming online dance classes, taking short quizzes, and reading about the history of belly dance and the Salimpour School. Materials are assigned weekly, giving you the flexibility and freedom to complete them around your schedule. One of our licensed instructors will be there to answer your questions, give you guidance and advice, and keep you motivated and inspired.

You don’t have to have ever studied with us, or even done any dance classes at all! However, we strongly encourage you to prepare for the course by familiarizing yourself with Fundamentals material in our Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 1 online classes.

Take at least 3 classes each in the following topics:

  • Singles
  • Three-Quarters 3/4s
  • Pelvic Locks
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Up-to-Down and Down-to-Up Figure 8s
  • Front-to-Back and Back-to-Front Figure 8s
  • Twists

We’ve designed this course to introduce you to the fundamental movements and technique of belly dance. When you take Fundamentals 1, you’ll have a strong movement foundation on which to grow and develop as a confident, expressive and accomplished dancer.

Prepare for the course by ensuring you complete the prerequisites.

Week by Week:


In week 1, you start with Home Position - a safe and strong body posture for executing all movements. You’ll be introduced to Glute Singles and an exciting and versatile hip isolation. You’ll also learn basic finger cymbals, footwork, fun combinations, and so much more!


In week 2, you’ll learn the core technique for several hard contraction movements, including Pelvic Locks and Interior Hip Squares. You’ll also learn challenging upper body isolations and undulations. You’ll continue to develop your finger cymbals skills to challenge your body and mind!


In week 3, you’ll explore the beauty of Interior and Exterior Hip Circles, as well as continuing your finger cymbal practice using our signature teaching method to help you master moving effortlessly while playing your finger cymbals!


In week 4  you’ll continue refining and practicing your upper body movements and Exterior Hip Circles. You’ll also discover the fun of one of Suhaila’s favorite movements—Twists!


In week 5, you’ll continue practicing with your finger cymbals, learning more patterns and adding them to your dance movements! You’ll also discover the beauty and power of Figure Eights, a classic belly dance movement, and much more!


In week 6, you’ll review the concepts and techniques from the previous five weeks. And, for those interested in getting certified, you’ll get a sneak peek into the Fundamentals I exam to ensure you have a solid and supportive experience as you prepare for testing.

All assignments are evaluated by our licensed instructors, and students will receive feedback via email, audio, or video. During the course, students are encouraged to submit questions about the assignments and techniques as they come up. A final evaluation will occur at the end of the course in which the licensed Salimpour Level 5 instructor will give students specific instructions on the next steps to take if they choose to pursue certification.

**Currently certified students earn 15 CECs for taking this course.